RARE 14KT GOLD PRe Civil war Aesthetic tooth brooch

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YUP, more from the LOUISIANA estate that has VOODOO and strange items that are out of our personal collection of , well lets say, a little creepy but totally rich in history of times when things were not written down, only passed along. This 14kt solid gold brooch has TEETH ( yup, REAL teeth) in it and as far as I can determine they are animal. In a rose colored world, I would like to think that someone loved their pet and once they passed kept these and had them mounted to cherish the memory. In a not so perfect world this did come from an estate where things were a bit creepy with voodoo and some not so explainable things came from. I am leaving this one up to you . This is marked 14kt and it is really quite a beautiful piece, teeth and all. Just look at the metalwork on this and you can tell it was made by a craftsman and the person who owned it was not a poor person. The estate we got these from was an antebellum ( period immediately prior to the Civil War (1861-1865). ( pre civil war ) plantation house in Louisiana . I do know that the family was very prestigious and they were wealthy plantation cotton kings. This is in really great condition and something you will probably never see again, much less with the limited history I have for it.Thanks to a helpful antique dealer I have the following info on this type of piece. It is a traditional style of hunting jewelry worn in the Tyrol region called "Grandelschmuck". The center teeth are from a deer with the others being from some other animal, all collected an hunting trophies. The oak leaves and acorns represent and symbolize the Tyrol region. IF you want to own a piece of folk lore or possibly a very real piece of the Louisiana culture, then this piece will certainly do the trick. It is 2 ½" long, ¾" at its widest and ½" thick. NOT a reproduction and in complete ORIGINAL condition. Don¬ít miss out at the last minute!


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