Antique Navigation Lantern Fresnel Lamp Lens

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This is a nice clean heavy duty 110 volt electric lantern with heavy duty mounting hardware, most likely designed for a freighter type ship to light the deck area and the area beyond as well. It has been rewired for home use, but all the original porcelain type fixture hardware is included, and no modification where made or brackets removed when it was rewired, so you can change it back to original if you wish. The wire is a medium heavy duty ground plug type wire. The old bulb socket was about 1.5 times bigger in diameter than the standard home use bulb socket is. The shape of the lens intensifies the light of the 300 watt bulb we put in it, and it is very bright when lit. The mounting hardware is cast steel, the pot shaped lower section is most likely cast iron, as is the top hinged lid. The lens is about 1/2 round, and inside the case behind the bulb from the lens is a polished white porcelain type finish, that also adds intensity to the candle power of this light. From the bottom of the pot section to the top of the hinged lid is 19", the diameter of the top section is 8", and the lens is about 8" high. The mounting hardware can be set to a graduated angle scale, and there is two scale provide, one for swivel, and one for angling up or down. It appear the bracket was designed to mount on a 5" diameter mast or bigger, with a 1/2" hole in the center and two others to hold the swivel angle in place, as radial slots are provided. As you can see the green paint is aged, but is clean, and about 85% intact. There is some corrosion on the threaded rods that hold the upper assembly together, but otherwise the metal is in very good shape, no cracks. The lens has one same chip on one of the prisms that extends outward, this chip is not a crack through the glass, but is contained in this one area, shown in the picture of the clear glass lens. The total assembly weight is about 25 pounds. If you plan to set it up outside, it could use some new rubber seals on the upper section. The top section, and lower pot shaped section can be separated, as a three pin, swivel lock with a lock screw system hold the two sections together. There is a W inside a circle logo with the oval under the W, I believe this unit was made by Westinghouse. Very well constructed, we have never seen another like it. Would make a nice fixture in any shore side yard, and you can use what ever watt bulb you wish to get the right amount of light.

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