Royal Hapsburg Austrian Crown Prince Archduke Rudolf Map Art or Documents Case Circa 1880

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Our extraordinary cylinder-shaped scroll or documents case with its original lined leather box was commissioned by or for the Archduke Rudolf Franz Karl Josef (1858-1889) and was made by Hans Macht (1844-1914) of Vienna, circa 1880.  23 5/8 by 4 1/2 in, 60 by 11.5 cm.  Case measures 25 1/8 by 7 by 5 7/8 in, 63 by 18 by 15 cm.  Rudolf of Hapsburg, the Archduke of Austria and Crown Prince of Austria, Hungary and Bohemia, was the only son and heir-apparent of Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria.

The case is made from gilt silver with red velour covering decorated with the crowned R royal cypher.  It also features a frieze with enamel laurels and palm leaves and lid with the coat of arms of Rudolf in enamel, apparent hardstone and gemstones. 

The velour is marked in gold COMP HANS MACHT WEIN.  Silver is stamped with the assay mark of Vienna depicting the goddess Diana in six-sided cartouche indicating .900 purity, plus the mark of the silversmith, Andeas Hackl.  The leather marked with the name of the maker, Paul Pollack, Wien.

Overall condition is very good.  Red velvet has a rich color with little fading.  There is a chip loss to the blue enamel in the lower right quadrant of the shield in the coat of arms.

Rudolf studied ornithology in school and published articles and books on the topic, including Notes on Sport and Ornithology, published posthumously in 1889 in German, and shortly thereafter in English, which chronicalled his observations throughout his recent travels in Europe, including fifteen days spent on the Danube River.

He also was fond of illustrating and painting in watercolor birds seen in his travels, and thus we theorize this case may have been designed to hold watercolor paper and art supplies.

Additional images forwarded upon request.

( Habsburg Hapsburg Haus Habsburg Hapsbourg Kronprinz l'archiduc Rodolphe )

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