Kenton Horse Drawn Ice Wagon Single Horse Rare Toy!

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This is a very nice antique cast iron toy ice wagon. We believe it to be manufactured by Kenton in Kenton Ohio around 1905, as the owner's father had mentioned having it as a boy, and he was born in mid-1890's. Of the few we have seen like it, this is the only one we have seen with the single horse, and cast for a wire type rigging between the horse and the front wheel section of the wagon. It appears that there is some newer paint on the horse, and the paint on the wagon is older, but appears to have been re-painted on the outside, the inside and bottom appears original (a slightly darker red). The horse was originally painted black on the double horse team wagons we have seen, and decorated in gold paint. This one is all black. Much like most of the Kenton wagons, this one is two piece. That is, the front section is separate from the rear section, and they hook together by means of a toy type hook shape trailer hitch. The wagon wheels turn freely, the front wheel are a little loose on the axle. The castings, including the wheels are all in very good shape, no damage. It appears that there was originally a cast iron seat the fit into the inside of the front of the wagon, it is missing. The wheel on the horse is solid cast and not made to actually turn. The wagon alone is 6.75" across the top length, and the overall from the forward extended hoof of the horse to the back of the wagon is 12". It stands 5.5" high at the back of the wagon, and 5" to the roof near the front. A really nice authentic cast iron pull type toy!

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