Antique 17th-18th Century Turkish Ottoman Gilt Copper Tombak Islamic Armour Bazuband

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A pair of rare, antique, 17th-18th century parade Turkish Ottoman Islamic armour , bazuband,( بازوبند) arm guards (vambrace), kolluk, of a typical form, made of tombak (gilt copper) with turned edges.

Each bazuband consists of a front main plate and a wrist plate connected by hinges and mounted with a pin for closure.

The outer surface of the front plates and wrist plates is gold-plated copper (tombak) and applied with the straps pierced with intricate ornaments and riveted to the bazu-band.

Due to the softness of copper, Ottoman tombak armor made of gilt copper, such as helmets, shields, and bazuband, were created solely for ceremonial purposes and were worn by high military commanders and government officials on special occasions as parades or processions at an important state or religious holidays.

Ottoman Tombak armor made of gilt copper as helmets shields and bazuband due to the softness of the copper, were purely made for ceremonial purposes worn by the high military commanders and government official on special occasions as the parade or processions on the important state or religious holidays.


1. Four of the Ottoman tombak helmets from the Askerî museum in the Istanbul collection, decorated with similar pierced straps, are published in the “Askeri Muze tombak Eserler Katalogu” catalog by Özlem Özkan. Please see the last photo in the listing.

2. The Ottoman tombak helmet decorated with related pierced straps from the Hungarian National Museum (Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum) is published in the book "Jancsárpuska, türkiszes kard és rubintos bot - Oszmán-török fegyverek a Magyar Nemzeti Múzeumban" by Kovács S. Tibor- Bertók Krisztina. Pages 40-41. (a picture of the cover of this book showing this helmet is attached to the listing).

3. For other Ottoman tombak helmets from the Royal Armory Collections adorned with very similar ornaments, please see the links below:

We will provide the buyer with photocopies of the pages from the mentioned references together with a certificate of authenticity.

CONDITION: They show their age and use, gold gilding partially rubbed, some minor dents, and loss of gilding.


Overall length: 31 cm (12.2 inches).

Width at the widest point: 12 cm (4.72 inches).

Weight: 715 grams (1.573lb.)

This simple ornament cut in metal straps is unusual and unique in Ottoman metal ornamentations, particularly not seen on Ottoman armor.

However, some examples of these ornaments on Ottoman armor have survived in various museums.

These examples are a couple of gilt copper (tombak) shields and a few gilt copper (tombak) helmets, which are unique among all known tombak helmets and shields, which are mainly decorated with engraved elaborate floral patterns.

Since this unique pattern only occurs on these few objects and not on other known examples of Ottoman armor, it is possible that these few helmets and shields, including this pair of bazuband, were made in the same armory by the same armorer during the same period of time.

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Gilt Copper Tombak