Antique 18th Century Islamic Indo - Persian Indian Mughal Helmet Kulah - Khud

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Antique 18th century circa 1750 A.D. Islamic Indo-Persian Indian, Mughal helmet Kulah-Khud.
The helmet's hemispherical skull is formed by hand-hammering a single piece of thick, solid steel. The interior displays visible hammer marks, while the exterior surface is entirely smooth. The top of the skull is applied with a domed rosette riveted to the skull, surmounted by a long, tapering spike, and affixed at the front with two plume holders.
The skull is chiseled over its entire surface with floral and creeper designs in medium relief damascened in gold and silver koftgari.
The lower part of the helmet is decorated with a broad band composed of 8 oval cartouches interrupted by 8 round medallions.
These cartouches are filled with hand chiseled, and silver inlaid calligraphic Qur'anic script. The medallions are decorated with two birds facing each other and highlighted with a gold koftgari.

The Khula Khud helmets originated in Central Asia but were extensively used in the Islamic world from the 16th to 19th centuries. They were used in various regions, such as Mughal India, Persia, Central Asia, Arab countries, and the Ottoman Empire. Many of these helmets were worn by Ottoman soldiers and can now be seen displayed at the Topkapı Palace Museum in Istanbul. This helmet is a18th century circa 1750 A.D. Indian Mughal Kulah-Khud.

REFERENCES: A Similar helmet is in the collection of the National Museum of New Delhi dated to 1750, published in the “Indian Armours in the National Museum Collection Catalogue" by G.N.Pant and K.K.Sharma, Page 43 Figure 12. Also, in the book "Indian Arms and Armour Volume III" by Dr. G.N. Pant plate CIX - CX. Dr. G.N. Pant - On page 1213 Plate XVIII. Dated by G.N.Pant to 1750 A.D..
The buyer will receive a copy of the pages from the mentioned references, together with a certificate of authenticity.

NOTE: We would like to inform our clients that the market is filled with reproductions of Indo-Persian arms and armor, including helmets, which can easily be mistaken for authentic artifacts by inexperienced collectors. We want to clarify that the Indo-Persian antique helmet that we are offering for sale is 100% authentic 18th century Indian Mughal helmet. Furthermore, it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity to ensure its genuineness.

The height from the spike's top to the skull's edge is 29 cm (11.42 inches).
The diameter of the oval edge of the helmet's base at the widest point is 20 cm (7.87 inches).

CONDITION: The helmet shows signs of aging and use, such as the lack of a neck chain mail and nasal guard.
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