Antique 19th century Scottish Oil Painting By Robert McGregor, R.S.A.

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Antique 19th century circa 1880 A.D. Scottish oil painting on canvas attributed to the prominent, well-known Scottish artist Robert McGregor, R.S.A. (1848-1922).

This painting is painted in a distinctive style and color scheme characteristic of Robert McGregor's paintings. The painting shows the artist's superb skills, including the proportion of the children's bodies depicted in various poses, finely painted beautiful children's faces with excellent details, including the eyes, lips and hair, costumes with a realistic texture of the fabric of the dresses and shoes, all of this can be seen in the related paintings created by Robert McGregor.

The back of the painting bears a 19th-century handwritten inscription, "A suetie group" by R. Mc Gregor AR.S.A. The lower left corner is imprinted with the official 19th-century Scottish business stamp from Edinburgh, a supplier of canvases, stretchers, and panels for artists.




78 Princes Street


In the Scottish National Gallery collection is a painting by Robert McGregor, "Great Expectations," 1879, the canvas of which is marked in the same way.




78 Princes Street


So, both of these paintings were painted by Robert McGregor around 1880 during his activity as an artist in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This stamp was used by the ALEXANDER SCOTT company circa 1880.

Please refer to the link below for "British canvas, stretcher, and panel suppliers' marks: Part 13, Scotland" (scroll down to the second list from the end).

Link to the Robert McGregor painting in The Scottish National Gallery:

Robert McGregor was a Scottish painter known for his empathetic portrayals of farm life and the Scottish working class. Like the French painter Jean-François Millet, who McGregor looked to for inspiration, his oil paintings feature laborers and families going about their work. He painted fishermen, shepherds, and farmers in earthy tones and a great deal of emotional sensitivity, bringing attention to the struggles of the poor and the physical demands of their lives. Born in 1847 in Bradford, England, McGregor was a self-taught artist who began his career as a book illustrator for a publishing company and later became a member of the Royal Scottish Academy for 16 years. Today, his work is exhibited at the National Gallery of Scotland. McGregor died in 1922 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

To view other paintings by Robert McGregor, R.S.A. Please see the link below.

It looks like the canvas has been truncated and stretched over a smaller strainer frame and fastened with new nails. This was done because the margins of the canvas got damaged and weakened, and the old nails did not hold the tension of the canvas. The Robert McGregor signature, which was on the bottom of the canvas, was cut off, and to keep the record, the canvas has been signed on the back.


The painting is in good overall condition, with no holes, repairs, or restorations.

The painting is housed in its original, antique, 19th-century, very heavy wooden profile frame with elaborate gilt gesso and scrolling foliate ornaments (slightly chipped and worn).


Dimensions of the frame:

Height: 67.5 cm (26.57 inches).

Width: 57.5cm (22.64 inches).

Dimensions of the painting:

Height: 46 cm (18.11 inches).

Width: 35.5 .cm (13.98 inches).

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