Antique Chinese Republican Or Nationalist Kuomintang Army Officer Sword

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Very rare, Antique Chinese Republican Or Nationalist Kuomintang Army Officer Sword, with a sturdy, slightly curved, single-edged, hand-forged steel blade (with a slightly visible forging pattern under the chrome-plated surface).
The blade is heavy, thick, and sharp.
Plain, handmade solid brass hilt with a small leaf-shaped guard and "S" shaped quillons.
The back strap has a loop on the pommel cap, into which a sword tassel (original, made of black braided fabric) is inserted, connecting the pommel with the crossguard.
The ribbed wooden grip is covered with gray sharkskin and bound with braided brass wire.
Complete with its chrome-plated steel scabbard with two suspension rings and scabbard lock.

Most Chines Republican Army and Nationalist Army military swords were made on the pattern of the Japanese Meiji period, military, police, and naval officer's dress swords. However, the hilts of Chinese swords were slightly different than Japanese swords' hilts.

The brass hilts of Chinese swords are not as finely cast with details as the hilts of Japanese swords.
This sword, including the hilt and blade, is free of any Japanese symbols such as crests, flower blossoms, writing, signs, or armory markings that can always be seen in various parts of the Japanese army, navy, or police swords.

Furthermore, the hilt of this sword, instead of being made of individually cast elements just like a Japanese sword's hilts, consists of handmade individual brass elements with slightly visible traces of file marks and other tools used to make these parts.

The blade's tang is not secured to the handle by a pin (mekugi-an) but is secured with a screw on the top of the pommel.

The wood grip is bound in the gray sharkskin instead of the White Rayskin (Stingray) Which has been commonly used on the Japanese sword’s grips.

Also, in Japanese swords, there are brass spacer washers, "seppa" between the guard and habaki, and in this sword, the washer is made of leather, which is not seen on Japanese swords.

All this shows that the sword was made in China on the pattern of Japanese swords and was probably custom made for the officer of the Chinese Nationalists (Kuomintang) or the People's Liberation Army.

CONDITION: It shows its age and uses, some scratches, and minor worn spots on the chrome plating of the blade. Chrome-plated scabbard with scratches, flaking, and minor dents.

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Overall length with the scabbard: 73.6 cm (29 inches).
Overnight without the scabbard: 69 cm (27.17 inches).
Length of the blade: 56.3 cm (22.17 inches).
Width of the blade at the guard: 2.5 cm (0.98 inches).

Total Weight: 1 kg.

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