Antique Medieval 15th-16th Century Islamic Mamluk Or Turkish Ottoman Chain Mail Hauberk Armor

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Superb quality very rare antique Medieval 15th-16th century Islamic Mamluk or Turkish Ottoman heavily riveted, large Chain mail Hauberk Armour of the Muslim heavy cavalry knight.


A massive chain mail shirt, or more specifically hauberk armour, in the form of a long tunic with short sleeves and an opening at the lower front and the back to make it easier to mount your horse and to protect the legs of the knight.

The hauberk is constructed entirely of hundreds of interlocking half-riveted, half-solid, rounded flattened links. Each solid and riveted link is hand hammered and not made of drawn wire like most Islamic chain mail. We took a close-up photo of the links to show the forging (welding) pattern of the rings. Please see the tenth picture in the listing.

The chain mail is affixed on the front with brass button hand, chiseled with an inscription in Arabic alphabet of the owner or armoury inventory seal. Chain mail in the Topkapi Palace museum in Istanbul have the same similar brass seals. Please see the seventh picture in the listing (the first hauberk on the right).

Chain mail armour was used to give the warrior protection and comfort of maneuverability. Such high-quality hauberks were made exclusively for the Mamluk or Ottoman nobles, and they were very expensive; therefore, only wealthy Muslim knights could afford them. However, to have such an armour could mean the difference between life and death in battle.

Chain Mail from dead combatants were frequently looted and were used by the new owner or sold for a lucrative price.

In over 50 years of participation, in trading in antique arms and armour we have had many eastern and some European chain mail, but we have never had chain mail of such quality.


Showing age and usage. Free of rust, in very good condition for an over 500 years old combat armour.


Overall length: 83 cm (32.68 inches) approximately when laid flat.

Width (distance from cuff - to - cuff): 130 cm (51.18 inches)

Weight: 12 kg (26.455 lbs.) approximately

The display stand that is in the picture is a prop and is not included with the chain mail.

A group of Mamluk arms and armour including similar Mamluk and Ottoman chain mail is held in the Topkapi Palace museum in Istanbul. Please see the penultimate picture in the listing. A large quantity of Mamluke arms and armour was taken as plunder from the Mamluks following their defeat by the Ottomans under Padishah Yavuz Sultan Selim in 1516-17.

A few examples of similar Mamluk chainmail are in the collection of the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo Egypt. Please see the last picture in the listing. To view all pictures please scroll down below description where are also close-up photos of details.


For similar Mamluk hauberk please see.

Armies of the Crusades by Gerry Embleton and Terence Wise, plate G. No 3.

The Mamluks 1250-1517 by David Nicolle and Angus McBride, page 20 (A).

We will provide the buyer with photocopies of the pages from the mentioned references together with a certificate of authenticity.

Acquired from an old Canadian Collection of Islamic Art, including Muslim arms and armour.

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