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Very rare monumental antique 18th-century large Polish brass Hanukkah lamp in a rare "round" eight-armed candelabrum style. Composed of many elements cast and turned on a primitive lathe, then hand engraved, notched, and punched.

DETAILS: a large molded circular base embellished with notched six-pointed stars, engraved fish scales, and garlands rests on three lying lions, multiple balusters stem adorned with rings, notched six-pointed stars, zigzag, and punched with circles and garlands. The stem issues eight scrolling branches with rosette drip pans and elaborated nozzles. Each drip pan and nozzle is cast with a floral pattern and turned on a primitive lathe that leaves irregular off-center rings.

The lower part was adorned with six Stars of David fitted with screws and fixed to short, elaborated arms with bird finials. The finials of each branch are crowned with deer stag heads that are screwed to the arms. Each branch is attached to the perforated disc with a peg (removable). Each arm is attached to the disc by a dovetail joint (removable).

The Hanukkah candelabrum is surmounted by a crowned Polish eagle holding a scepter and a sword in a distinctive 18th-century pattern. The Polish eagle decorated Polish Hanukkah lamps and Sabbath candelabras until the 20th century.

Hanukkah lamps "in the round" form are very rare.

An example of a Hanukkah lamp "in the round pattern" is in the Israel Museum's Jerusalem collection.

Please see the link below:

In the past, we had a ceramic Hanukkah lamp "in the round pattern" for sale.

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Brass Hanukkah synagogue lamps with bases supported by three lions are characteristic of the 18th-century Polish Hanukkah candelabrum.


"A Budapesti Zsidó Múzeum" by Ilona Benoschofsky and Sandor Scheiber. Page 117. No.100. Page 118-119.No 101.

An 18th-century Polish brass Hanukkah lamp with a base supported by three lions and upper and lower galleries adorned with identical bird finials is in The North Carolina Museum of Art collection and is published in the book:

"The Menorah: From the Bible to Modern Israel" by Dr. Steven Fine. Page.90.

A photo of this Hanukkah lamp was published in the New York Times on 2016/12/02.

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The North Carolina Museum of Art has another large 18th-century Polish Hanukkah lamp with a base supported by three lions.

To view it, please see the link below:

18th-century Polish brass Hanukkah in the Jewish Museum in Hechal Shlomo.

We will provide the buyer with copies of the pages from the mentioned reference, together with a certificate of authenticity.

CONDITION: It shows its age and use. One of the stag heads has old repairs on both horns, the other has one horn with old soldering, and one of the birds is missing a head. Please see the last pictures in the listing.

We could not take good-quality photos because the lamp is gigantic and made of slightly shiny brass. Some images are taken in studio light, others in daylight.


Height: 117.5 cm (46.26 inches).

Width at the widest point of the branches: 60 cm (14.17 inches).

Weight: 20kg (44.09 lbs)


Since the candelabra is gigantic and is made of separate pieces, including the baluster stem, which is made of separate parts screwed together, and other parts that are also made separately, the candelabrum will be taken apart for shipping purposes.


Acquired from an old Canadian collection of Polish antiques and art, including Judaica.

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