Goodell-Pratt Yankee Style Spiral Push Drill w/5 Drills

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This is a super nice, 10 inch long Spiral push drill marked "Goodell - Pratt Co. TOOLSMITHS Greenfield Mass. U.S.A." . It features a very nice cocobolo handle in very good condition and a group of 5 different size drill bits that fit into the four jaw style chuck. The drill bits were most likely later replacements, we believe they were made until the 1960's. There were 8 different sizes of drills manufactured for this push drill originally, 5 remain in very good condition. To use: insert your choice of drills in the collet type chuck, place drill end on centerline, choose plane by adjusting the shaft angle of alignment, and simply push the handle end which caused the drill to turn as you push. Stop pushing and the spring pushes the handle to the original position, push again as needed to the desired depth. This is a super nice clean tool! Goodell-Pratt was purchase by Millers Falls in 1931, so this tool was made from about 1900-1931. Please note that this is a different drill point type that the Stanley or North Brothers Yankee uses. These drill points have a + shape machined on to the end that fits in the chuck of the push drill. This type drill with all 8 drill points is very rare, particularly in this nice of condition. The push drill has about 85% nickel plating intact, some minor scratches and tiny dings, a good chuck and spiral/spring. A Nice one!

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Woodworking Tools
Antiques (approx100yrs)
early 1900's-30's
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