RARE G.W. Silver Peace Medal 1789 (1903)

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 Most genuine silver Indian Peace medals, except the U.S. Grant medals, were issued holed or looped at the top for wearing by the Indians. If yours is not holed, and shows no sign of being looped, it is most likely a modern copy. Post-1900 U.S. Mint silver strikes are still of significant value, and are actually rarer than originals!Generally a hole is a good sign of your medal being genuine. Cast copies in silver were made by jewelers and others from originals (usually copper pieces), and show numerous pitting, tiny holes and other voids in the medal. A high-quality cast copy may look great. However, confusing things is the fact that some silver Indian Peace medals were struck on cast silver planchets, and the voids seen on casts may be also seen on a genuine, struck pieceStruck medals on cast silver blanks are quite rare. This is one of those rare pieces.  I asked the Mint for a picture copy to show to others for comparison,; they never responded.  I Have a true 1903 Mint Stamped Peace Medal.!!    First made about 1903-1904 to complete the early Peace medal issues of the Presidents by the US Mint, sold ONLY to collectors.

Now that you have been educated, please feel free to make me an offer that I can't refuse and the reason I should sell it to you at that offer price. Check with any museum and see what it is worth and maybe you can buy it to donate it and double or triple your money for the write-off, which I do not need.


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