Remington Peters NRA targets.

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Remington Peters NRA targets. The first target has the words NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATIION OFFICIAL 50-FT. JUNIOR TARGET. Has a place on the bottom of target for Position, To apply on Rating of, Name, Street, Town State Shooting Witnessed by, SCORE. Also they say SHOTS TOUCHING A SCORING RING RECEIVE THE HIGHER VALUE, NONE OFFICIAL WITHOUT THIS SEAL, (has picture of NRA seal), REGISTERED U.S. PATENT OFFICE Mfg. By Outers Laboratories, Inc. ONALASKA, WIS. LICENSE NO. 17. Has a neat picture on the bottom of man hunting with his dog. There are 10 of these targets, 9"h x 7", natural age foxing very good condition. The second size target is 5 3/4w x 7 1/2"h, there are six of these, it has the words STANDARD SHORT RANGE TARGET (50 Feet) Remington Peters DUPONT, has a place on the target for NAME, DISTANCE, DATE, SCORE. Words on the bottom of these target says This target is not official for N.R.A. competion. Such offficial target may be obtained from the National Rifle Association, 1600. Rhode Island Ave., TWashington 6, D.C. PRINTED IN U.S.A. The smallest size targets are 7"h x 5 1/2" and there are two. These two targets have the words WINCHESTER TRADE-MARK STANDARD SHORT RANGE TARGET, Western TRADE-MARK Olin, has a place for NAME, DISTANCE, DATE, SCORE. On the bottom it says This target is not official for N.R.A. competition. Such offcial target may be obtained from the National Rifle Association, Barr Building, Washington, D.C. Write the National Rifle Association and learn how you can win medals on your Home Ranges. Both of these targets have a ripped area on the bottom. Third target not shown in picture.

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