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Movie Tom Thumb 1958 Ad
Movie Tom Thumb 1958 Ad. This color December 23, 1958 ad states Tom Thumb the wonderful musical adve...
Movie I Love Melvin 1953 Ad.
Movie I Love Melvin 1953 Ad. This black and white March 24, 1953 ad states Hear the stars sing the h...
Movie My Man Godfrey 1957 ad
Movie My Man Godfrey 1957 ad. This black and white November 12, 1957 ad states Whats a poor butler t...
Movie Moby Dick 1956 Ad
Movie Moby Dick 1956 Ad. This color July 10, 1956 ad states In all the world, in all the seas, in al...
Gulf Service Station 1958 Ad
Gulf Service Station 1958 Ad. This color September 16, 1958 ad states Good Gulf Care keeps your engi...