The Merfield’s hail from the Saxon influence in English History, where the noble family held a seat as Lords of the Manor. Over 500 years ago the family name held estates from Baron Ilbert II de Lacy and Wluric of Mirfield. Family collections are almost unparalleled in terms of their range and continuity, with superb pieces having emerged centuries after being concealed in attics and storerooms of great British country houses. As purveyors of museum quality pieces, Merfield are proud to herald a new era, with fine estate pieces continuing to be offered today. Our selection includes fine art, Jewellery, Furniture, rare objects, Eastern art and Asian antiquities. Merfield also curates and participates in exhibitions by new and emerging artists as part of our Gallery Feature. Well documented, fully illustrated scholarly appraisals accompany the items we offer. The Merfield philosophy is about establishing long-term relationships with our clients, focusing on their interests and building strong relationships with private, corporate and institutional collectors. We pride ourselves on our courteous and friendly customer service and look forward to assisting with all enquires.

Merfield Family Estate

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