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Quaker Milk Macaroni 1920 Ad
Quaker Milk Macaroni 1920 Ad. This color June 5, 1920 ad states Now try this new kind of Macaroni. F...
Wilson And Co. Bacon 1920 Ad
Wilson And Co. Bacon 1920 Ad. This color January 17, 1920 ad states Bringing home the bacon, Say Wil...
Indestructo Trunks 1920 Ad
Indestructo Trunks 1920 Ad. This color June 19, 1920 ad states One does not pack an Indestructo Ward...
Mengel Furniture 1949 Ad
Mengel Furniture 1949 Ad. This color January 31, 1949 ad states This new beauty speaks with Old Engl...
Drexel Furniture 1968 Ad
Drexel Furniture 1968 Ad. This color September 27, 1968 ad states What makes Drexel Furniture so spe...