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Silver filled jewel eyed SNAKE Cufflinks serpents Mythical figural creatures. In the Ozarks, there is a story about a connection between snakes and babies, according to author Vance Randolph. In his book Ozark Magic and Folklore, he describes a tale in which a small child goes outside to play and takes along with him a piece of bread and his cup of milk. In the story, the mother hears the child chattering and assumes he's talking to himself, but when she goes outside finds him feeding his milk and bread to a poisonous snake -- typically either a rattlesnake or a copperhead. The old timers of the area warn that killing the snake would be a mistake -- that somehow the child's life is magically connected to that of the snake, and that "if the reptile is killed the baby will pine away and die a few weeks later." The serpent is instrumental in the Egyptian myth cycle. After Ra created all things, Isis, the goddess of magic, tricked him by creating a serpent which ambushed Ra on his daily journey across the heavens. The serpent bit Ra, who was powerless to undo the poison. Isis announced that she could heal Ra from the poison and destroy the serpent, but would only do so if Ra revealed his True Name as payment. By learning his True Name, Isis was able to gain power over Ra. For Cleopatra, a serpent was an instrument of death. A perfect addition to a collection or for a gift for that special someone. ∆ Maker: Unknown ∆ Material:silver filled ∆ Size : see photo ∆ Weight: light ∆ Condition: In good vintage pre-owned condition. ∆ Lovely patina! Boxed for gift giving; gift wrapped on request. These are part of a MASSIVE estate collection of cufflinks and jewelry so be sure to check out our other items here: We don’t polish these previously owned well loved pieces so we can keep the original patina. We try and photograph all of the pieces next to a ruler so you can see the actual size. All jewelry sold as found. NOTE TO BUYER: We Do not offer engraving services of any sorts as we are not equipped to do so I’m sure your local jeweler would be happy to do so, sorry for any inconvenience thank you. All cufflinks ( unless otherwise specified) are considered costume jewelry. We use the descriptions of any stones from the manufacturers titles when they were first produced. When we refer to the stones as moonstone or jade or garnet, for example, we are using how the original manufacturer of the pieces used them. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of a stone in a costume piece of jewelry. June 9, 2014

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