Superb Antique Japanese Samurai Sword Katana Koto Blade With Edo Kozuka & Kogai

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Excellent quality, beautiful antique Japanese Samurai sword " Katana" from the Edo period, possibly with an older Koto blade.
A sword consisting of:

1. Beautiful hand-forged, slightly curved, sturdy, sharp steel blade with a visible wavy tempering line - Hamon and Hada of very fine grain.
The tongue is pierced with three mekugi-ana, and there is also a fourth mekugi-ana (right next to the second one), but it is plagued by an iron insert.
2. Hand-forged iron sword guard (Tsuba) with a russet surface patination, pierced and inlaid with yellow metal (possibly gold).
3. Solid silver Seppa.
4. Gold-plated copper Seppa.
5. Silver Habaki.
6. Shakudô Kogai
7. Shakudô Kozuka with a signed steel blade.
Kogai and Kozuka are adorned with finely chased in reliefs with lions and highlighted with gold.
8. Wooden handle (Tsuka), enclosed in white stingray skin, fitted with bronze menuki on each side and wrapped with braided blue silk cord.
9. The matching set of copper Fuchi and Kashira is highlighted with gold lines, and the base of the fuchi is silver plated.
10. Black lacquered wooden scabbard, finely hand painted with gold, red and brown lacquer, with the figure of a samurai in armor standing next to a flowering tree. The side pocket for Kogai with Shakudô has a gold inlaid decoration. The mouth of the scabbard is gold-painted, and the end of the scabbard with its original black lacquer finish.
All these parts are from the Edo period (1603–1867).

CONDITION: It shows its age and use. The blade is straight and has no bends. On one side of the blade, under the Habaki near the tang, there is imprinted by a vice irregular mark probably left when the tang was pierced with an additional mekugi-ana.
The Boshi (tempered point) is chipped, the blade surface with slight scratches, and there are two minor blemish spots on the blade, one on the ridge line (Shinogi) and the second on the lower part of the blade beyond the Yokote, ( please see the last two photographs in the listing ),there are two microscopical nicks on the edge of the blade, almost invisible to the naked eye.

The blade is free of any sharpening marks.
The Saya (scabbard) has a missing Kurikata (Cord Knob) and cracks in the Saya below Kozuka. Otherwise, the scabbard is in very good condition with no other cracks or wear to the lacquer and is free of restorations.
Tsuba with partial loss of inlays.

That's all I can say about the condition of this sword.
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MEASUREMENTS (approximately):
The overall length of the sword in the scabbard: 97.3cm (38.31 inches).
The length of the sword without the scabbard: 89.5 cm (35.24 inches).
Blade length with tang: 82.2 cm (32.36 inches).
Blade length: 63 cm (24.8 inches).
Blade thickness at hamachi height (at habaki): 7 mm. (1/4 inches)

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