Untitled, Boat at Dock St Andely's

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Untitled, Boat at Dock -St Andely's (1880-1886) is fine example of a Dutch impressionist painting, depicting a steamboat and hotel barge on the River Seine, with similarities to paintings by certain Impressionist artists of the era. The work bears characteristics of those from The Hague School (1860 -1890), where artists like Anton Mauve worked as a tutor and pupils like Vincent Van Gogh studied. Untitled, Boat at Dock - St Andelys is characterised by impressionist colours and the kind of expressive brush work that contributed to the foundations of modern art. Impressionists generally painted subjects that ranged from gas works to country lanes, iron mills, railways and images of early industrial transport (compare Van Gogh’s painting of Barge Boat 1883). Untitled, Boat at Dock- St Andelys is painted in an Impressionist style and technique, painted quickly with light parts, thick and concentrated areas and a tonal play of light and dark with the use of a limited palette. There is a strong sense of perspective:  the rigid shapes help to emphasize the dimensional view of the painting, whilst organic shapes have a much softer outline. Asnieres-sur-Seine is a commune in the region of north central France that lies on the left bank of the River Seine, some eight kilometres from the centre of Paris. In the 1880’s, impressionist artists  regularly went to Asnieres-sur-Seine together, and painted such subjects as river landscapes and cafés. From the perspective high up on one of the old look-out points across the Seine looking downward we see a familiar view, looking towards the South of Paris to views around Les Andelys and Chateau Gaillard. Normandy history reveals the first suspension bridge was built in 1838 and talked about early boat crossings and cable ferry: the location seen here depicted in Untitled, Boat at Dock, St Andelys.


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BDA -C1880
Antiques (approx100yrs)
1880 -1886
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18.50 x 14.50 x 1.50
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Oil on canvas