Victorian Gutta percha DROP earrings necklace

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This 1800's vulcanite, gutta percha and genuine jet necklace and long drop earrings are something to behold! The vulcanite is the chain ( see the mottled coloring in the closeup) and the gutta percha and the jet are on the drops. The pendant and earrings would have all been hand cut and carved and each is quite large. 

Vulcanite is a hard, moldable dark brown or black early plastic sometimes erroneously called "gutta percha". This material was used for memorial pieces in the mid-Victorian period.SInce this piece also has gutta percha (Gutta percha is a resin from the Isonandra Gutta tree. Jewelry was made from gutta percha in the mid-1800's. The Gutta percha company was founded by Dr. Montgomerie in 1845 and was in business until 1930) and jet ( Black fossil coal or wood that can be easily carved into jewelry. Some jet is polished and some has an opaque appearance. Jet became fashionable for mourning jewelry in the nineteenth-century when Queen Victoria went into mourning after the deaths of her husband and mother ) this has quite a unique grouping of some of the materials used only during the victorian period. 

The necklace has a length of 23" ( included the beautifully etched rollo link chain) and the drop is an additional of 6 1/2". The earrings are both 3" long with a lot of layered detailing using the jet and gutta percha. The pieces are in very good condition with little wear and are even nicer than the photos.

Both earrings have the exact same berry shapes on the part that hooks to the ear as well as the center piece. Both have the same huge 3/4" jet ball at the bottom. One wire could stand a little re-bending and it has some green on the end. I can change the wires for you if you want. Each has a little different shape on the anchor shaped piece.

It is a lovely grouping of sentimental jewelry that is highly collectible and still has a place in this day and age. 

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