Vintage German tile with History bonner 1930's Breslau Wroclaw Original note on back Prussia Bonn Polish Framed crest

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The back of this tile has the original note from where it came in German hand writing. From what I can make out of it, it is saying something like, remember the German youth championships. The tile is in it original wood frame and is marked Bonner on the back . The City Breslau (Wroclaw now ) was governed first by the Polish Piast kings in the 10th century, from the 13th century onwards the city was populated predominantly by Germans. It was German settlers at this time that helped to rebuild the city after it had been sacked by the Mongols and to turn it into a thriving commercial centre. In the centuries that followed Wroclaw prospered under both the Bohemians and the Austrians, before, in 1741, Frederick the Great II took hold of the city and officially changed the its name to Breslau (the Germanic name however had been in use long before that). The next 200 years saw the city increasingly Germanised, although it was only in the years directly following the Nazis seizure of power in 1933 that this was done with aggressive intent. By 1938 the entire Polish community had been forced out of the city, along with two thirds of the Jews. In the years that followed Wroclaw underwent major surgery - both physical and mental. Great effort was made to propagate the myth of Wroclaw as a Polish city that has at last been returned from the hands of the dastardly Nazis to its rightful owners (a far from complete picture of the town's mixed heritage and colourful history). Much money was invested too, firstly in 'de-Germanising' the city with the removal of all German writings and inscriptions, and secondly in the restoration of the splendid 13th century buildings destroyed in the war, so that the bruised and battered city could hold its head high once more and embrace the future as a beautifully-restored Polish town. A great piece of history with a hand written remembrance. Here is a great gift idea that shows you took the time to care about that special person in your life. It is classic and vintage and we even gift wrap it for you . Whether it is a memory from their past or something that reminds you of how special they are, it is a unique idea because it is vintage and not something you can buy everyday. And while you are shopping for someone else, take a peek at some pieces you like because we carry men’s and women’s jewelry and a lot of neat old collectibles. And we all know you can never have enough jewelry! The pieces we carry are unique and interesting and may have a little wear ( if any) but they sure have a lot of love that came with them when they were first purchased way back when. All jewelry is boxed for gift giving. Just say the word and we will wrap it and put a beautiful bow on it for you at no extra charge . All you have to do it watch them smile and enjoy their special gift. ∆ Maker: Bonner ∆ Material: tile and wood ∆ Size: see photo ∆ Condition: Because these are vintage estate pieces and are vintage and possibly pre-worn so they are not considered new from the factory. Please see photos for any wear or light surface scratches that come with age. .Sold as is and priced accordingly.. ∆ Lovely patina! These are part of a MASSIVE estate collection of cufflinks and jewelry so be sure to check out our other items here: We don’t polish these previously owned well loved pieces so we can keep the original patina. We try and photograph all of the pieces next to a ruler so you can see the actual size. All jewelry sold as found. NOTE TO BUYER: We Do not offer engraving services of any sorts as we are not equipped to do so I’m sure your local jeweler would be happy to do so, sorry for any inconvenience thank you. All cufflinks ( unless otherwise specified) are considered costume jewelry. We use the descriptions of any stones from the manufacturers titles when they were first produced. When we refer to the stones as moonstone or jade or garnet, for example, we are using how the original manufacturer of the pieces used them. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of a stone in a costume piece of jewelry. All pieces have been worn at least one time unless otherwise specified. ***ATTENTION!*** Shipping rates for domestic and international delivery have skyrocketed! I have adjusted the shipping rates accordingly. We ship priority mail ( in the U.S.) with insurance on orders over $20.00. If you wish to have another method of delivery (i.e. First Class International) PLEASE convo me before placing your order. My goal is to save both of us money on shipping. September4, 2015cabSP

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