vintage Memento figurehead enamel necklace

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From what I understand from the history of this, this Brass piece was from a horse that was ridden in a show in England. The owner then had it mounted on this heavy brass necklace so they could have the piece close to their heart. The dearly loved horse has since passed which makes this quite a wonderful memento. Horse brasses were sometimes used to adorn the harness horses, primarily in the UK, many would be for decoration, royalty, shows and different industries such as train or ale. Some older brasses were worn on harness, others were just made primarily to commemorate a certain event. It is hard to date many harness brasses, yet you can get an idea from the patina as well as how well the brass is cast. Stamped brasses are from the early 1900's and only up to the 1930's. Most brasses you come across were cast and often the getts (the holder for the casting) is left partly on the back of the brass. This one is stamped England and at one time was polished to make it into this necklace so you can see a lacquer that is still on it. The center of this is so magnificent with a ships masthead of a flying angel and a harp with black enamel. The pendant ( or ornament is 3 1/4" long across and the thick triple chain is an additional 23". The center stone on the pendant is dimpled carnival glass. Quite an interesting piece an really lovely when worn. I think the brass could be polished so all of it is non-laquered which would really makes this look pretty too. Vintage and antique items are not mint nor are they perfect. Sold as is and as found (used and vintage) Since this is Irreplaceable there can be no returns on this sale.. Please use photos to make your decisions. Remember that old glue and hot post offices may cause some stones in vintage pieces to loosen in shipping.

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