Antique Articles is owned by Sandie Fowler and has been in business for over 30 years. The business has specialized in selling original American and European ceramic tiles ca. 1650-1930's and other vintage items. Internationally known for her knowledge of tiles, Sandie travels extensively to both deepen her knowledge and inventory.

Sandie is a member of: American Art Pottery Association, Tile Heritage Foundation, Friends of Terra Cotta, and Tile and Architectural Ceramics Society.

Sandie co-authored a book with Wendy Harvey titled Art Nouveau Tiles ca. 1890-1914 with over 600 color images.        Sandie can be reached at

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Art Nouveau Tile
This is a really beautiful tile, one of the nicest I have ever had. I think It was done by Pilkingt...
Art Nouveau Tile
A vert nice stylized Art Nouveau spacer tile. It measures 3 & 6.. It was made ny A.M. Ltd / Alf...
Art Nouveau Tile
A wonderful Art Nouveau design done by T&RBoote tile Co. It is a 6 inch tile. Condition is very ...
English Transfer Tile
An English transfer tile by Stovax. So this is a reproduction tile . This company started making til...
Aesthetic Transfer Tile
A lovely Aesthetic Transfer tile done in Black & White. Not very often do you see Black and Whit...
Art Nouveau Tile
Fabulous Art Nouveau tile done by T & R Boote. Color combination is stunning. Condition is very ...
Art Nouveau Tile
A very nice four square design Art Nouveau tile. This one was done by T A Simpson Tile Co.. It ...
American Portrait Tiles
Another wonderfful set of Portrait tiles by one of our American makers. I need to check Co. The me...
English Transfer Tile Birds
This is a lovely English transfer tile done by Minton Hollins. It is 6 inch and in great condition. ...
A lovely hand colored transfer tile by Longwy. It is an 8 inch tile. and dates c 1900. It has a char...
Arts & Crafts Modern Tile
This is another cool tile. The glaze work is Fab. A very Modern design. The condition is very good w...
Frankoma Butterfly Tile.
Here is a very pretty Tile done by Frankoma Pottery. It depicts a butterfly and is done in a warm ri...